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On The Verge is streaming live at 7:15PM ET / 4:15PM PT tonight with Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley, Paul's trip to NASA, and more!

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OTV008 no overlay
OTV008 no overlay

You asked, so we delivered. Josh, Nilay, Paul, and the rest of the crew will be hosting On The Verge tonight to an intimate audience in New York City — but this time, we're inviting the rest of the internet to come join in the fun, live! Just tune in right here at 7:15PM ET to bask in the On The Verge experience.

For starters, Paul Miller went on a couple trips to see the culture of invention on both the (relatively) smaller scale of Maker Faire and larger scale of NASA. Then in the studio we're excited to have Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley talk about the future of discovery (and maybe share a few secrets on how to get special badges). We've also invited Polygon editors Chris Plante and Russ Frushtick to hang out and talk about both their launch and documentary series Press Reset.

Josh, Nilay, and Paul will of course be together again to talk about about the biggest stories of the month — and there will absolutely be a lot to talk about in this brave new world following major Apple, Microsoft, and Google events. So cast your vote early (if you're a US citizen, that is) and settle in — it's the next best thing to being there.

Watch live streaming video from thevergecast at