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Google spruces up search page design, makes it easier to search by date

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google search stock 1020
google search stock 1020

Google is making some adjustments to its search results page (pictured above) that both make it easier to find what you’re looking for and give more real estate to its Wikipedia-like Knowledge Graph results. The new page rotates the left-hand link list 90 degrees, placing it horizontally between the search bar above and results below. Accordingly, search results are being shuffled over to the left in order to clear out more space for Knowledge Graph. But our favorite part about the update is the improved Search Tools, which make the process of setting From and To dates for narrowing down searches a lot more reliable. Google says the new page is coming first to the US before rolling out to other countries down the road.

We have been seeing the new page intermittently over the past week or two, but now that Google is officially announcing the changes we can be sure the redesign is here to stay. For a while, at least. And just a reminder — if you use a background image for the main page, Google is dropping support on November 16th.