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Pixar remembers Steve Jobs with newly-named studio building

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steve jobs building pixar
steve jobs building pixar

Pixar has christened part of its headquarters in memory of Steve Jobs. The former Apple and Pixar head has been commemorated in the Steve Jobs Building, which the Pixar Times says is the new name for the studio's main building. Employee Junn Lee tweeted a photo of the sign above the building's entrance, and as 9to5Mac points out, Jobs himself actually played a part in designing the headquarters.

According to Walter Isaacson's biography, Jobs wanted a building that would "look good 100 years from now" as opposed to a "standard office park building-one with corrugated metal siding or ribbon windows." The new name is a fitting tribute to the man who took control of Pixar in the 80s and helped turn it into one of the world's most successful movie studios.