Check this pic I found online of a guy hanging out with / doing his best to be Pikachu.

Look familiar? He's the Canadian dance music producer Joel Zimmerman, more popularly known as deadmau5. His CV is even longer than those Jnco’s are wide: he produced the most mindblowing concert experience I've ever had, he's obsessed with cats and Diablo, he signed Skrillex, and he has his own record label and Minecraft server. Not bad lines of work if you can get them. During all that working / having fun he's also passively evolving the English language to fit more easily into its new home somewhere between real life and IP life. Although he may be straight chillin’ at all times, deadmau5 is the premier evangelist of Internet Esperanto to the masses.

Before we sit down and talk about that, though, let’s make sure you’re primed to learn more about deadmau5. To do that, we’ll step back to the root of emotional communication in all modern music, Fleetwood Mac.