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Obama's 'Four more years' victory photo already the most retweeted and liked of all time

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barack michelle obama tweet
barack michelle obama tweet

Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States, and it looks like he's taken another prize as well — he can now lay claim to the most popular tweet of all time. The tweet, which simply states "Four more years" alongside a photo of Obama embracing his wife Michelle, has been retweeted over 320,000 times and counting. Buzzfeed points out that this beat the previous record — said to have been set by Justin Bieber — after just 22 minutes, and the gap has since risen to more than 100,000.

Twitter's Government feed has also confirmed that this year's Election Day was the "most tweeted about event in US political history," with over 20 million tweets. The service saw a rate of 327,000 tweets per minute following news of Obama's re-election.

Additionally, Facebook has confirmed to The Verge that the same update, which was also posted to Facebook, is the site's most liked update ever. It currently has 3.3 million likes and counting.

Update: Twitter has posted some new figures from the election. At the time they were published, Obama's tweet was up to 455,000 retweets, and the total number of Election Day tweets has risen to 31 million. Twitter's blog post also provides a roundup of tweets from notable US politicians and congratulations to Obama from international leaders.