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DC Comics now selling single issue comics for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks

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DC Single Issue
DC Single Issue

DC Comics has become the first comics publisher to bring single issues to the three major e-reader platforms. Priced between 99 cents and $4.99, DC will be releasing the digital versions for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks each week on the same day their physical counterparts hit comic store shelves. Unfortunately fans won't yet have access to DC's wealth of older content already available from its own iOS / Android applications and third-party app Comixology. DC told Cnet that bandwidth issues prompted the decision and that it plans to start working through that back catalog soon. The move serves as an attempt to widen readership, though that's not to say e-comics are in trouble. DC Entertainment Senior Vice President of Digital Hank Kanalz revealed to Cnet that digital comic sales are in fact up 197 percent year-over-year. Thankfully that success doesn't appear to be cannibalizing traditional sales either, which are said to have risen 12 percent.

Amazon announced the addition of individual comics via Twitter without mentioning DC specifically. That could suggest the retailer plans to add titles from other publishers — assuming DC experiences some level of success with the venture. Much like graphic novels, you can only view comics on a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, although DC is reportedly exploring the possibility of introducing compatibility with e-ink models. For the full list of issues available this week, hit your preferred ebook seller below.