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Apple Store update for iOS lets you check prices with Siri

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app store siri stock 1020
app store siri stock 1020

Apple is updating its Apple Store app for iOS, doing its best to remove any possible roadblocks to you spending the maximum amount possible this holiday season. As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple Store adds Siri support, which while not exactly groundbreaking, seems like a no-brainer. It’s nice to be able to quickly look up the price of a new MacBook Pro, but the implementation has a few hiccups. You can’t use Siri to look for accessories, she can’t tell you what time your local Apple Store opens and closes, and while generic price questions are no problem, specific questions like "How much is a 32GB iPad Mini?" kick you out to web search.

The update also lets you buy an Apple gift card for the special someone on your list that you decided against thoughtfully and individually selecting a present for. The cards are only available in the US for now, and can be accessed with Apple’s Passbook app. Version 2.4 of Apple Store is now available from the App Store.