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Peter Jackson's 48fps version of 'The Hobbit' screening at 450 theaters in North America

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hobbit (the hobbit)
hobbit (the hobbit)

We knew Peter Jackson’s divisive 48fps version of The Hobbit was only going to see a limited release, but it’s turning out to be a lot less limited than we thought, at least in North America. According to The Los Angeles Times, about 450 theaters across the US and Canada will be showing the film (whose advance tickets went on sale Wednesday) at the original, pioneering frame rate when it opens on December 14th. A 48fps version of the film got a majorly mixed reaction when a portion was screened at CinemaCon earlier this year, with many voicing complaints about its nonstandard appearance.

The number is small relative to the typical 4,000 screens for movies of a similar caliber, but Warner Bros. is saying moviegoers in most major and mid-sized cities should be able to find a screen. The rest will have to resign themselves to watching it in pathetic 24fps, just like every other ordinary movie. To find a theater near you that's equipped to show the film at 48fps, take a look at this useful list.