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Live streaming service Twitch expands its reach with EA and Sony partnerships

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Origin Twitch intergration
Origin Twitch intergration

Professional and amateur gamers alike are able to live stream popular titles such as Starcraft II and Defense of the Ancients II thanks to streaming services like Twitch. Now it looks like the company is ready to expand to an even wider audience, recently announcing deals with heavyweights EA and Sony Online Entertainment. The first will see EA integrating Twitch’s live streaming capabilities into an upcoming Origin client update, letting gamers broadcast directly to their channels and negating the need for an extra software install. EA says that those using beta clients should already be seeing the new feature, while everyone else will gain the ability "shortly."

SOE, meanwhile, will be integrating the same functionality into its upcoming massively multiplayer online shooter PlanetSide II, allowing users to tweak broadcast and quality settings all from within the game client. PlanetSide II won’t be the only game from the studio relying on Twitch either, as SOE notes that future games will also take advantage of the live streaming integration. Couple that with the wealth of games available on EA’s Origin platform, and Twitch looks set to further grow its already 20 million strong user base.