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Hulu follows Netflix's lead, launches dedicated Kids channel with 43 commercial-free shows

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Hulu Kids
Hulu Kids

Hulu has just announced a dedicated Hulu Kids section to highlight its child-friendly content, a move that sounds a lot like the recently-launched Netflix "Just for Kids" service. While it doesn't sound like there's any new content here, Hulu Plus subscribers can now access all 43 of the service's commercial-free kids shows, with special categories like "Dino Time" or "Cartoon Favorites"; there's also content grouped by suggested age range as well as network. Unlike Netflix's Just for Kids," Hulu Kids will first be debuting on the web and through an update to the service's PS3 app — but there's no word on when it'll be added to the Hulu Plus iOS and Android apps. If you're a parent and a Hulu Plus user, Hulu Kids might prove a good option to have children's programming readily accessible on their computers.

Update: This post originally stated that Netflix Just for Kids was only available on the iPad — it's actually available on the iPad, in the web browser, and on set-top boxes and consoles like the PS3, Wii, Apple TV, and Xbox 360.