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Verizon taking pre-orders for HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 822, shipping November 13th (update)

Verizon taking pre-orders for HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 822, shipping November 13th (update)

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Verizon Wireless will start accepting pre-orders for the HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 822 tomorrow, November 9th at 1AM ET. Unfortunately the carrier isn't revealing specific release dates for either handset, maintaining the vague "by Thanksgiving" timeframe Steve Ballmer shared during Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 presser. As expected, the 16GB 8X will retail for $199 — it seems Verizon has no intention of carrying the 8GB model (which AT&T will offer for $99) in its lineup. Blue, red, and black are your color choices, with the latter two exclusive to Big Red. Meanwhile Nokia's Lumia 822 will come in at $99 on-contract and after mail-in rebate, available in black, white, and gray.

Success on America's largest wireless network is absolutely critical if Microsoft hopes to make Windows Phone a viable third platform for smartphone shoppers. Thankfully Verizon seems keen on helping the company accomplish that feat, having said previously that it's important for a "third ecosystem" to exist and prevent iOS and Android from enjoying a duopoly in the market.

Update: For those of you clinging to an unlimited data plan, we've gotten hold of the unsubsidized pricing for Verizon's latest Windows Phone handsets. The 8X will run you $549.99 off contract, while the Lumia 822 will cost $449.99.

Update 2: As pointed out by Engadget, Verizon now lists the 8X as shipping on November 13th — at least for those who've pre-ordered a black or blue model. If you want the red version, you'll have to wait until the 21st. The Lumia 822, meanwhile, will ship on the 13th.