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Latest Humble Bundle package marks Android debut of popular iOS games

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Humble Bundle 4
Humble Bundle 4

The Humble Bundle for Android has always been a great deal aimed at a good cause, and the fourth go-around looks to be among the best collections yet. Of the five titles gathered together in the pay-what-you-want app package, four are making their Android debut after successful runs on iOS. Chief among them is audiovisual masterpiece Sword & Sworcery. That's something of a surprise seeing as how the game's developers once stated there would never be an Android port.

Eery sci-fi scroller Waking Mars is also making the trip to Google's OS, as are Splice and Crayon Physics Deluxe. Eufloria is the final piece of Humble Bundle 4 but you'll earn a sixth bonus title, Machinarium, should you contribute more than the current average — $5.81 when this article was published. There are worse ways to spend a few dollars than rewarding developers for their hard work and/or donating to charity, so why not give a little more? As always, each game in the Humble Bundle is platform-agnostic and can be played on Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.