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Facebook amps up Friendship Pages to highlight your online relationships

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facebook friendship pages
facebook friendship pages

Facebook today announced a big visual update to its Friendship Pages to highlight the time you've spent with a family member or friend. In effect, Facebook has essentially auto-created perfect lovey-dovey Timeline profile pages for couples filled with events, photos, likes, mutual friends, and statuses that the two people have shared. (If you have no idea what Friendship Pages are, click the cog on a friend's profile, then click "See Friendship.")

The update starts rolling out to users today, and provides a welcome update to Friendship Pages — which for most users today still look like old school profiles from more than a year ago. While it's unclear exactly how much engagement these pages have been getting, the update is an obvious play to improve the way Facebook visualizes the relationships between people. A button on the pages says "Share Friendship" — a new way to brag or creep out friends and family.

But it gets better. Friendship Pages work between you and any friend, but if you're in a relationship, now automatically directs to a Friendship Page of you and your partner. The pages are hardly Jess & Russ (Russ is a Facebook designer, coincidentally), but for most couples, they're worth checking out.