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AT&T offering $100 off tablets if users sign up for two-year data contract

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AT&T iPad LTE stock 1020
AT&T iPad LTE stock 1020

AT&T may have killed off subsidized pricing for tablets back in August, but that doesn't mean new discounts aren't on the table: the carrier will be offering $100 off new tablet purchases for customers that also sign up for a two-year data contract. The deal, which will go into effect November 9th, will apply to any tablet purchased at an AT&T store or on the company's website — and yes, it will include the iPad. Users will have to opt for either AT&T's Mobile Share plan or one of its standalone data plans, which run from between $15 to $50 a month.

The iPad made big news upon its introduction by the very fact that it didn't require a two-year contract at all, making it much more convenient for customers to simply add a data plan as needed. Given the rather large expense associated with a full two-year plan, it's hard to know if a mere $100 savings will really make much fiscal sense for consumers in the long run, but if you're looking for a tablet and were planning to keep your data plan on every month anyway, the promotion might be worth a look.