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Surface users report Touch Cover splits and audio issues

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Surface split touch cover
Surface split touch cover

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet has been available for just two weeks, but users are starting to notice some early issues with the device. We noted in our original Surface review that performance was a little hit or miss, but there now appear to be widespread reports related to audio problems. Several threads on Microsoft's support forums detail issues relating to random muting and audio stuttering while the Surface is in use or on standby.

The Verge has noticed these issues on several Surface units and has reported them to Microsoft. The company is investigating the problems, but has not yet confirmed it is able to reproduce them. A report in The Guardian notes that Touch Cover users are reporting some hardware issues too. A number of users have spotted that the Touch Cover edge appears to be fraying, exposing the wiring of the cover. The Verge staff has a unit with the defect and Microsoft is shipping a replacement free of charge to affected users. A Microsoft support person admitted that the company is dealing with "a lot" of Touch Cover returns.