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15-year-old hacker sentenced to six years of probation with limited, supervised internet use

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Crashed Terminal
Crashed Terminal

A 15-year-old hacker going by the name of Cosmo was sentenced by a California juvenile court to a probationary period until his 21st birthday, during which time he'll need approval from his parole officer to access the internet. Cosmo — also known as Cosmo the God — was profiled on Wired following the widely-publicized breach of editor Mat Honan's online accounts, though Cosmo had no connection to that particular hack. According to Wired, which received information about the case from Cosmo, the teenage hacker pled guilty to more than a few felonies, with charges ranging from credit card fraud to online impersonation. The probation that Cosmo agreed to as part of his plea limits his use of the internet to solely educational purposes, and all use will be supervised. As part of the hacker group UGNazi, he was able to gain access to accounts on sites including Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Netflix, and many more.