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Patent holding firm sues Apple again after winning $368 million verdict

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iphone 5
iphone 5

Earlier this week Apple was ordered to pay more than $368 million to a company called VirnetX for having infringed upon some of its patents with FaceTime — and now VirnetX is back with another suit. As pointed out by The Next Web, the company filed a lawsuit based around the same patents featured in the prior case on November 6th — the same day the $368 million verdict was reached. The difference, however, is in the accused products: while the prior suit targeted earlier iOS devices, this one goes after the iPhone 5, the most recent iPad and iPad mini, and "all Apple computers / hardware associated with the operation of the Mountain Lion operating system." VirnetX is also seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctions on all of the accused products — basically, asking that Apple not be allowed to sell any of the named devices due to the alleged infringement.

Of course, it's highly unlikely that this would ever go that far. Apple has already initiated a reexamination of the four patents in question with the US Patent Office, and has filed a motion questioning the outcome of the previous trial. Still, the Eastern District of Texas — where both lawsuits were filed — has proven to be fertile ground for VirnetX, and after the previous jury decision we wouldn't be surprised if Apple ended up foregoing the risk of another trial and just settled with the company instead.