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SkyDrive music player references discovered, hint at web-based streaming

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SkyDrive logo
SkyDrive logo

Liveside has discovered code and assets hidden on the SkyDrive website that indicate a new web-based music interface could be on its way. The code refers to a "MusicPlayer" function, while the assets clearly show controls in line with Microsoft's current aesthetic.


When we first reported that Microsoft was planning a new cloud-based music service, we heard that the company had bigger plans for it than have officially been announced. As well as revealing the now-confirmed iOS and Android clients and cloud music locker, sources told us that Xbox Music would be accessible from a browser without any additional plugins. This may not be that service, but with "archive" functionality coming to Outlook, and a newly-refreshed Office web app suite, Microsoft does seem to be stepping up the pace of updates to its online services.