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Original 1960s Batmobile to be sold at auction by its creator

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batmobile auction
batmobile auction

The original Batmobile, designed for and used in the 1960s TV series, is headed to auction next January. The car is being sold by its creator, George Barris, who has owned it from day one. In 1965 he was approached to create the vehicle by the show's producers, who apparently gave him "$15,000 and 15 days" to build it from scratch. Barris bought Ford's 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car for just $1 and transformed it into the icon that we all know and love.

There's no reserve price on the lot, listed at auctioneer Barrett-Jackson, and we've seen estimates range between $125,000 and $3.2 million. If you'd like to buy yourself a bit of TV history the auction will take place on January 13th.