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The Queen narrows royal appeal even further with 3D Christmas Message

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Queen 3D
Queen 3D

It’s tradition for the Queen of England to broadcast a Christmas Message every year on December 25th, but this year Her Majesty’s observations will also be delivered in 3D. According to The Independent, the Queen’s Christmas Message will be the first time a patron of the Royal Family has been filmed in 3D. Prince William was given the opportunity to allow 3D cameras into Westminster Abbey to film his marriage to Kate Middleton, but the Queen’s grandson ultimately declined.

The segment will be broadcast on BBC HD in 3D, but viewers will need a 3D-enabled TV and set-top box not to mention those infernal glasses in order to see the monarch in all her three-dimensional glory. We’re going to hazard a guess and say that the Christmas Message isn't going to be quite as immersive as Avatar, but it’s still amusing to see the Queen jumping on board the 3D bandwagon just when it's running out of steam.

Update: As Engadget points out, this won't be the first time the Queen has been filmed in 3D after all. Rudimentary 3D cameras captured the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II back in 1953, although the footage was only recently unearthed.