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RIM posts first teaser shot of new BlackBerry 10 phone as launch approaches

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BlackBerry 10 Hardware Teaser
BlackBerry 10 Hardware Teaser

BlackBerry 10 is finally nearing release, and now RIM has posted what looks like the first official shot of the hardware we'll be seeing next year. The BlackBerry 10 page shows the back of what looks like a slab phone with a textured back, something we're guessing is all-touch L-Series that's been leaked several times over the past year — though the change to a stippled texture is something new. RIM is holding a launch event on January 30th of 2013, where it's expected to unveil the first BlackBerry 10 devices, including the L-Series and another phone with a hardware keyboard. That's still some time away, after a long and tumultuous lead-up, so it's no surprise that the company is trying to hold consumers' attention while it prepares its next move. Unfortunately, while not as outright painful as the music video for developers, this isn't all that exciting either.