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Publishers bring 195 new magazines to print in 2012 despite ongoing digital push

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Magazines Shutterstock
Magazines Shutterstock

Newspaper and magazine publishers are constantly exploring ways to draw in digital subscribers, but many aren't shying away from the old-fashioned magazine rack just yet. According to MediaFinder's count, over 195 new magazines went into print this year compared to 181 in 2011. Even better, less existing magazines were forced to close their doors; 74 glossies have ceased publication over the last twelve months, down from 142 in the year prior.

Digital-only launches have dropped year-over-year as well, falling to 32 compared to the 58 that started up in 2011. That decline is largely due to the struggle publishers have endured in finding profitability online, a lesson highlighted by The Daily's recent demise. Yet even with the uptick in print launches, 24 publications announced they would be fully transitioning to the digital format this year, including Newsweek and Spin, both of which spent years on store shelves.