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Church of England to tweet Christmas sermons as part of holiday Twitter campaign

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Earlier this month Pope Benedict XVI made news by joining Twitter, and now the Church of England has announced it will be using the microblogging platform to tweet several sermons on Christmas Day. In a recent blog post the Church details that the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, and Archbishop Designate Justin Welby will all have their homilies tweeted. It's part of a larger holiday Twitter push, with the Church also encouraging members of its 12,000 parishes to tweet their own thoughts on the holiday — accompanied by the 26-character hashtag "#ChristmasStartsWithChrist".

From politics to disaster relief, Twitter and other social media tools have proven to be an effective way to spread information and connect people in a quick and efficient manner. For those unable to attend the sermons in question, the option to read them on Twitter will no doubt be a welcome option — and one more way in which online tools are breaking down geographical boundaries across the world. The Church of England can be found on Twitter at @c_of_e.