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Hacker group leaks 1.6 million accounts tied to NASA, Federal Reserve, Interpol, and others

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Data Privacy 2 (Verge Stock)
Data Privacy 2 (Verge Stock)

Hacker group GhostShell has reportedly leaked information regarding 1.6 million accounts belonging to NASA, the FBI, Interpol, the Pentagon, ESA, Federal Reserve, and various other companies and government agencies. According to the group — which has loose affiliations with Anonymous — aerospace, nanotechnology, banking, law, education, government, military are just some of the fields that have been targeted during #ProjectWhiteFox, the name given to its recent infiltration. As the image below indicates, at least part of GhostShell's attack appears to have centered around SQL injections that granted access to massive databases of IP addresses, account logins, email addresses, phone numbers, and other data.


The information has been posted across sites like GitHub, Slexy, and Private Paste. The sheer mass of data would prove incredibly difficult for your average person to parse, though that likely comes as little consolation to those who are mentioned within the text. GhostShell previously gained notoriety after hacking into 100 universities in October and distributing over 100,000 student records. It followed that up last month by declaring "war" on Russia and leaking data connected to over 2.5 million accounts.