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SeinfeldToday Twitter account imagines the '90s sitcom in the online age

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seinfeldtoday modern seinfeld twitter stock 1020
seinfeldtoday modern seinfeld twitter stock 1020

In the decade and a half since the airing of Seinfeld’s final episode, the show’s sharp takes on the awkward and mundane have managed to stay surprisingly relevant despite the internet's new role in our everyday interactions. If you’ve been wondering what Seinfeld would feel like if it was written in 2012, a new Twitter account, @SeinfeldToday, has been pumping out uncanny plot summaries almost hourly since it was created on Sunday.

According to an interview with The Atlantic Wire, the person penning the tweets is BuzzFeed sports editor Jack Moore. "I’m pretty much constantly watching episodes in the background while I’m doing anything," says Moore, and that intimate familiarity with the subject matter is what makes the tweets so spot on. Whatever else happens, @SeinfeldToday doesn’t need to worry neurotically about making a good entrance.