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SkyDrive Xbox app launches today, over 40 new apps coming soon

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SkyDrive Xbox
SkyDrive Xbox

Microsoft is announcing today that 40 new Xbox apps will be made available shortly. SkyDrive is part of the list of 40 and will bring photos and videos to an Xbox 360 console thanks to Microsoft's cloud-based service. The company has focused on shared photos and videos with the app, with a party slide show feature that will run through the various photos from a SkyDrive account.

Other apps include the launch of Napster in Germany and the UK and Deezer in the majority of Xbox Live regions. Not all apps will be made available immediately and Microsoft says they will start to roll out between now and Spring 2013.

Update: The app is now available to download. We got a quick hands-on with the service and it appears to work well. Taking a picture on a Windows Phone 8 device uploads to SkyDrive and it's available after a few moments in the SkyDrive Xbox app which automatically refreshes. There's a tab to see all files, but it's not possible to open files like Word or Excel documents. There doesn't appear to be any support for taking Kinect pictures and uploading them, but controlling the interface and video content works well with Kinect.