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Comcast adopts NBC peacock as part of new logo

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Comcast Peacock
Comcast Peacock

Comcast has unveiled a new, but familiar, logo in the wake of its merger with NBC. The company's site now boasts a logo topped by the NBC peacock, previously used only for NBC-affiliated channels. The peacock is one of the best-known American media symbols, and it's a bit strange to see it linked to the part of Comcast better known for installing cable and internet. According to The Wall Street Journal, the logo will replace Comcast's current one on trucks, advertisements, and cable bills, though Comcast services themselves will continue to be use the Xfinity brand.

The deal between Comcast and NBC has been controversial — Comcast agreed to pay $800,000 to the FCC over allegedly failing to fulfill some of the merger's conditions, and antitrust watchdogs like Al Franken worry it's leading to a more consolidated, less competitive media landscape. Having been approved some time ago, though, it's not surprising to see some sign of it show up in the companies' official identities.