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Samsung Galaxy Camera coming to Verizon on December 13th for $549.99

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Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Camera hardware
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Camera hardware

Samsung's new Android-powered Galaxy Camera was confirmed for Verizon by a leaked product page last week, but now it's really official. A 4G LTE version of the camera will be available online starting this Thursday for $549.99 — a $50 premium over AT&T's HSPA+ model which launched on November 16th. It's worth noting that the 4G Galaxy Camera that appeared at the FCC last month lacked a 3G CDMA radio, meaning that Verizon Galaxy Camera owners should only be able to connect over the carrier's LTE service — we've asked Verizon to confirm the camera's connectivity options (update: Verizon has confirmed to The Verge that the Galaxy Camera will be LTE-only on its network). The camera will be offered in an exclusive "cobalt black" color on Verizon and will also be available in the standard white finish, and Verizon is offering a limited promotion to add the Galaxy Camera to Share Everything accounts for $5 a month.