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Apple adds driving directions to Find My iPhone, now steers you to lost iOS device or Mac

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Find My iPhone iOS 6
Find My iPhone iOS 6

Apple today updated its Find My iPhone utility with driving directions, providing users on the hunt for a lost iOS device or Mac with an exact route to its last known location. Rather than integrating navigation directly within the Find My iPhone app, Apple is letting its default iOS Maps app handle all direction duties. Hitting the car icon for any misplaced device will auto-fill its location data in Maps and start you on your way. Unfortunately, this is one instance where the loss of Google's Street View technology could have a detrimental impact: pinpointing the exact building where your lost (or stolen) product has been taken could be a challenge. Then again, its best to get in touch with authorities if something's been forcibly taken from you. But the addition of driving directions could very well prove helpful for the absentminded among us.