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Microsoft issues Surface RT updates to address Wi-Fi issues

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Microsoft Surface stock 1200
Microsoft Surface stock 1200

Microsoft has started to issue its monthly Patch Tuesday updates to Windows RT today. Surface RT users will notice 11 updates in Windows Update, addressing some security issues and updating Windows RT and Office 2013 RT. A Microsoft support rep has also confirmed that the updates include improvements to the Wi-Fi reliability for Surface RT. The latest updates following similar performance updates released last month.

In a support thread over at Microsoft's community forums, Surface support engineer Jordana notes that the update provides support for Wi-Fi Access Point names that include non-standard characters. The update is also designed to reduce a "limited" Wi-Fi connectivity issue. A number of Surface RT owners reported the issues in several threads at Microsoft' support site and it appears that Microsoft is taking the first steps to address them. The latest Surface updates also include a patch to ensure the tablet is automatically switching to the correct time zone during daylight saving time changes.