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FreedomPop sets its sights on the home broadband market with 1GB of free WiMAX data

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FreedomPop Hub Burst
FreedomPop Hub Burst

FreedomPop will be taking its free WiMAX broadband initiative one step further with the launch of its Hub Burst home modem. The new hardware from FreedomPop is designed to sit in a household and provide broadband to all its residents via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Just like the Wi-Fi hotspot and USB dongle that the company currently offers, customers will be able to use a set amount of WiMAX data each month for free. While FreedomPop only grants 500MB with its current hardware options, the Hub Burst's cap will be doubled to 1GB. Of course, the company is hoping to capitalize on its freemium model by selling extra data at an additional cost while enticing customers with rewards for signing up friends and family.

FreedomPop has similar aspirations for the home broadband market

Just like it wanted to disrupt the wireless industry, FreedomPop has similar aspirations for the home broadband market. There’s a small problem with that line of thinking, though: Clearwire’s WiMAX coverage is slow and patchy, and fixed DSL and cable lines are often far more stable than wireless equivalents. The amount of free data on offer may also be extremely low when compared to the unlimited service or large data caps that come with fixed lines, but FreedomPop will be selling a $9.99 monthly subscription that bumps the cap up to 10GB.

The Hub Burst modem will cost $89, but unlike FreedomPop's other hardware, it's an outright purchase customers aren't paying a deposit and won't be able to return it later on. Buyers won't be locked into a contract, however, and there are no activation or cancellation fees. Pre-orders for the Hub Burst go live today, with the modem currently set to ship in January.