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Time Warner Cable adds on-demand video to its iOS app

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Time Warner Cable iPad App icon
Time Warner Cable iPad App icon

Time Warner Cable subscribers with an iPad or iPhone have gotten a nice update: the streaming app now includes the option to watch selected on-demand content. TWC says the catalog currently includes about 4,000 titles in a mix of HD and standard definition, depending on the provider, and more should be added in the future — though it'll likely still be much smaller than the TV catalog. If you're an Android user or watch on PC, a similar update is coming at the start of 2013.

As with most cable apps, TWC's live TV streaming still requires a Wi-Fi connection, but that requirement isn't mentioned for on-demand content, which could mean you'll be able to use mobile networks. That's similar to the move DirecTV made earlier this year. TWC's app has also been optimized for the iPhone 5 screen, and some additional bug fixes seem to be working better than they did last time around.