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Eric Schmidt says that Google Fiber 'is a real business' and plans to expand it

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eric schmidt
eric schmidt

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is on stage now at The New York Times Dealbook Conference and just had a few details to share about the Google Fiber broadband initiative. Despite the fact that the service is only available in Kansas City right now, Schmidt said that it wasn't "just an experiment, it's a real business and we're trying to decide where to expand next." Unfortunately no more details were forthcoming, but for those of us looking at the speeds Google Fiber users get with extreme envy, there's some hope that we may some day get to share in the extreme speed.

Schmidt also took advantage of a question from the audience to spell out Google's stance on the ITU proposals that could give the UN greater power in regulating the internet. "If the current proposals in the ITU go through, we're in big trouble globally," Schmidt said. Of course, Google has made its stance on the ITU very clear — Google's chairman appears to just be keeping up with the party line here.