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Samsung explores Santa's libido in remix of its sex tape-sharing Galaxy S III ad

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Designed for husbands

santa face
santa face

Samsung isn't afraid to repeat its own advertisements or stick celebrities in them, and it's accomplished both with a remake of its sex tape-sharing ad — except this time Father Christmas is on the receiving end of a naughty phone tap. The original "Work Trip" ad, released in October as part of a new series promoting the Galaxy S III, showed a wife passing family videos along to her business trip-bound husband using NFC. "Hey, I also made you a video," she says. "You probably shouldn't watch it on the plane." The new video is a hilarious homage to the original, replacing the family with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and two giddy elves waving off Saint Nicholas as he prepares to embark on his gift-giving sleigh ride. Mrs. Claus also has a video for her beau, telling Santa " you probably shouldn't watch it on your sleigh." While the latest ad is certainly a bit tongue-in-cheek, we can't help but hope that Samsung will add some balance in the future — lest we conclude that the Galaxy S III is not in fact designed for humans, but for husbands.