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Good deal: 'Duke Nukem 3D' free for Mac and PC on

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Duke Nukem 3D Good Deal
Duke Nukem 3D Good Deal

Duke Nukem 3D helped define a decade of gaming, from its groundbreaking interactivity to the resulting debates over video game violence. It's a classic early first-person shooter that remains undiminished by its lackluster 2011 sequel. And if you don't own it — or have only played the freeware demo levels — Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition is now being offered for free through, where a Mac-compatible version was just released alongside the PC one.

To get the game, you'll need a GOG account, but the file itself is DRM-free, and the "purchase" also includes both a PDF manual and, oddly enough, over a hundred ringtones. In lieu of cracking one of the many one-liners popularized by Duke Nukem 3D, we'll simply direct you to the game, free through 9:59am EST on December 14th, or to the trailer below.