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1Password 4 for iOS touts handsome redesign and iCloud syncing

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1password 4 iphone
1password 4 iphone

In August we learned that passwords might not be as important as we thought. In fact, as "strong" as your password may be, a hacker doesn't even need it to access your online accounts assuming they're charming enough to outwit a customer service agent. We can enable two-factor authentication on some sites, but in most cases 1Password is still your best bet to keep your stuff safe.

Agilebits today announced 1Password 4 for iOS, a brand new version of its popular password management app. 1Password 4 is available in the App Store for $7.99 (more than 50 percent off its future price), and is a wholly separate app from its predecessors. Most noticeably, 1Password has a handsome new coat of paint, complete with a sharp new design and color palette for its icons and user interface. The old 1Password iOS app (as well as its Android counterpart) are both undeniably ugly, so this is a welcome update.

The app's been totally reorganized, with a new Favorites section greeting you each time you open the app, folders, and a "Vault" mode to search all your passwords. There's also a much more modern in-app web browser that lets you easily use 1Password to log in to websites and manage multiple tabs simultaneously. 1Password 4's web browser on iPad is especially impressive. It creates a very similar experience to using 1Password's brilliant Chrome / Safari plug-ins on desktop web browsers. There's also iCloud support for syncing, which won't be nearly as useful until Agilebits' desktop app gets an update some time in the near future. If you're afraid of the cloud, 1Password 4 offers support for backups via iTunes File Sharing via Wi-Fi or USB.

In the end, 1Password 4 is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor — which was already the best password manager I've used. Passwords may not be as safe as we thought, but at least 1Password 4 can be trained to clear your clipboard every minute to stave off rogue apps.