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Johnny Depp assumes the role of artificial intelligence in new sci-fi flick 'Transcendence'

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computer simulation (shutterstock)
computer simulation (shutterstock)

Johnny Depp will play a scientist whose consciousness is uploaded to a supercomputer in the upcoming science fiction film Transcendence, TheWrap reports. Inception director Christopher Nolan is executive producing, while Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister — who has worked with Nolan since Memento — is slated to direct. The film will explore anti-technology movements, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology, and the plot — which could still change between now and the film's release — centers around three scientists working to create a completely self-aware artificial intelligence. The roles of the other two scientists, Max and Evelyn, have yet to be cast, but TheWrap has further plot details if you're not afraid to veer into possible spoilers.