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Netflix expands order for new 'Arrested Development' season by up to five episodes

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Arrested Development
Arrested Development

Netflix is clearly confident in Arrested Development: new episodes of Mitch Hurwitz's cult hit aren't yet available on the streaming service, but the company is already investing in more episodes than originally planned. Deadline reports that the previous order of 10 shows will expand to between 12 and 15 episodes by the time the new season debuts this spring. Netflix agreed to the longer season after Hurwitz wound up with extra footage following the first phase of production. The show's creator is currently working out new story arcs and it's expected that some of the cast will return for more shooting in January.

Each of the new episodes of Arrested Development will reportedly be released simultaneously to subscribers, so you'll be able to stream the entire new season without interruption. There's also other, less-comedic original programming headed to Netflix. Led by Kevin Spacey, House of Cards is slated to debut this coming February.