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John McAfee 'expelled' from Guatemala, returns to US

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McAfee arrested
McAfee arrested

Antivirus company founder and international fugitive John McAfee has been deported from Guatemala and is headed for the US, Bloomberg reports. McAfee is wanted for questioning in Belize over the murder of his neighbor, but he fled from the local police, claiming he feared for his safety despite his innocence. Last week, the metadata in a photograph from Vice pinpointed his location in Guatemala, where he was detained by police and then hospitalized for a possible heart attack.

Now, McAfee says he has been released from police custody and is taking a flight to Miami after being "expelled" from Guatemala. He is still vague about what the next steps are in the investigation, but insists that he has recorded an apology to the President of Guatemala and says that he has offered to speak to police in Belize but worries about being detained. "This is not an issue of talking about a murder," he insists, "it's an issue of putting their hands on my person."

A police spokesperson from Belize, meanwhile, tells Reuters that McAfee will still need to be questioned regardless of location. "He is still is a person of interest, but a US national has been killed and he has been somewhat implicated in that murder. People want him to answer some questions," he said. "We have good relations with the United States of America and I am sure that we will get to the bottom of it."

Update: The AP reports on Twitter that McAfee has arrived in the US.