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NYC officials may delay widespread smartphone taxi hailing, propose limited pilot instead

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taxis nyc
taxis nyc

After suggestions that New York City would adapt its rules to allow customers to hail taxis using smartphone apps like Uber, it looks like some members of the local Taxi & Limousine Commission are getting cold feet. According to The New York Times, a vote tomorrow addressing the matter will likely concern a possible pilot program — not a change to the rules that govern taxi use in the city. The commission was expected to make a decision on whether or not to change the rules to permit hailing apps, but it appears that members thought they could only muster support for a less-divisive pilot program at this time.

The city has lagged behind others in the United States, like San Francisco, Boston, and, most recently, Washington D.C., as some have held strong to the tradition of hailing cabs on the street. Uber attempted to enter the market earlier this year, but without the blessing of the Taxi & Limousine Commission it decided to end the service in October. Also up for vote tomorrow is a possible revision to how payments are accepted in cabs, but any changes would have to wait until February, when the commission's current contract payment providers come to an end.