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Play this: 'Maldita Castilla' is the best of 80s arcade adventures right on your desktop

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maldito castille
maldito castille

Today, developer Locomalito released an arcade-style action adventure called Maldita Castilla, which translates to "Cursed Castile," a medieval kingdom in Spain. The project took 20 months, and the result is a nostalgia-inducing pixel adventure reminiscent of 80s arcade games like Ghost'n Goblins. The game has six levels, all jam packed with zombies, headless knights, creepy grubs, and chubby executioners. With enjoyable music, simple controls, and a cute scan-line effect to imitate old arcade screens, it's definitely worth checking out. You can watch the trailer below and download the free game — available only on Windows — at the source link.