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Samsung piles pressure on LG with LCD patent lawsuit

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LG Nitro HD
LG Nitro HD

The battle in South Korea between Samsung and LG has taken another turn, with the former filing a lawsuit accusing its competitor of infringing patents on LCD displays. The Korea Times reports that Samsung Display is seeking invalidation of seven patents held by LG Display that allegedly copy its plane-to-line switching (PLS) design. Samsung claims that LG's AH-IPS technology, used in phones like the Nitro HD, was adapted from PLS without permission, and is seeking two billion won ($1.87 million) in damages along with a sales ban for the relevant products. The two chaebols are already tussling in court over OLED technology — both sides sued each other back in September with Samsung alleging that LG stole information by inducing its employees, and LG arguing that Samsung infringed its patents.