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Adobe Lightroom 4.3 adds support for Retina display Macbooks, new iPhone lens profiles

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lightroom 4 1020
lightroom 4 1020

If you're a Lightroom user who has a MacBook Pro with Retina display, you won't have to suffer with low-res graphics any longer. Adobe's photo management and correction app has been updated to version 4.3, which contains support for high-DPI screens like those found in Apple's newest MacBook Pro laptops. There's also new support for a number of high-end cameras that have been released in recent months, including new, more affordable full-frame cameras like the Nikon D600 and the Canon 6D.

At the same time, Adobe has also added greater support for some lesser but still extremely popular cameras — those found in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Apple's two latest smartphones now have lens profiles supported by Lightroom 4.3, which means it can automatically correct for aberrations and lens distortions. While it may seem odd to use $150 software to edit smartphone photos, it'll certainly be helpful to the avid iPhone shooters out there as well as advanced enthusiasts or pros who use their iPhone as a secondary camera. The 419MB download is now available on Adobe's site.