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USA Today's new travel site weeds out fake hotel reviews by authenticating visitors

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USA Today Travel Media Group has launched the beta of its new hotel review site, HotelMe, with hopes to alleviate the problem of fake reviews. The service features an authentication process that confirms if users paid and stayed at the locations by verifying against the records of the many hotel brands already on board, including Hyatt, Best Western, Trump, and Radisson. Since hotel reservations are not made directly through HotelMe — instead, interested users are led to the chosen hotel's site — reviews can be submitted by visitors regardless of how they booked their stay. The site also includes user-submitted guides to help travelers find out where they can eat, listen to music, or shop while away from home. HotelMe joins USA Today Travel Media Group's already established list of travel-related sites, which offer everything from cruise ship reviews, discounts on travel, and information about vacation hotspots.