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Amazon launches Kindle ebook store in China

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Amazon China Ebook
Amazon China Ebook

Amazon has launched a version of its Kindle ebook store in China, offering books for use on new Chinese Android and iOS apps. The US-focused company has been steadily expanding worldwide this year, and this latest announcement has fueled speculation that Amazon could soon be bringing e-readers to China as well, entering a huge new device market. Reuters reports that an Amazon spokesperson declined comment on future Kindle plans but notes that the company had previously expressed interest in launching the Kindle in China by 2014.

In late August, Amazon brought the Kindle ebook store to India, along with e-readers. It's also brought its Appstore to parts of Europe, along with the Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon, meanwhile, has operated in China for some time, but it's now entered the ebook market with its usual mix of free public domain titles and paid books that range from a few yuan (less than a US dollar) to around $7 USD in price.