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T-Mobile's iPhone-compatible HSPA+ now covers 100 million people with new launches

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T-Mobile has announced that it's added enhanced, iPhone-compatible 4G to five major US markets, bringing enhanced service to a total of 23 locations. Chicago, Reno, Sacramento, Fresno, and parts of Southern California should now have better voice and data performance and better signal strength on 4G HSPA+, and the enhanced network uses the 1900MHz frequency, which means iPhone users can connect to it rather than being pushed onto slower 2G networks. T-Mobile now says that 100 million people are covered by its enhanced networks, a number it mentioned a few days ago as a goal for the end of the year.

Boston, New York, and other cities are currently listed as sites of future upgrades, and T-Mobile says parts of these areas should already be seeing results. Besides enhanced HSPA+, T-Mobile is still working on its LTE rollout, which it hopes will cover 100 million people by mid-2013. The company has recently become more up-front about luring iPhone fans away from other carriers, with an upcoming ad campaign based around the idea that "you love your iPhone, but you hate AT&T" and an agreement to sell Apple products in 2013. With these enhancements, it's hoping they'll love — or at least tolerate — the speeds they'll be getting on T-Mobile as well.