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Microsoft ending support for Live Mesh sync software, points users to SkyDrive instead

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SkyDrive logo
SkyDrive logo

As Microsoft continues its push to the cloud with SkyDrive, it's decided to phase out support for Live Mesh — its former preferred tool for keeping files synced across computers and the web. The discontinuation, Microsoft says, is due to the rapid pace of innovation in cloud computing. Additionally, the majority of its customers have already made the transition to SkyDrive both on PCs and across mobile platforms. At the height of its popularity, the company says Windows Live Mesh was used by "a few million people" but that number has dwindled to 25,000 active users. The service will be retired on February 13th.

Naturally SkyDrive can handle all of the same file management and sync tasks that were offered by Live Mesh. But one thing Microsoft's current cloud service doesn't provide is a remote desktop experience. For that, the company is urging users to try Windows' built-in Remote Desktop Connection. If that's not to their liking, Microsoft is also pushing LogMeIn as an alternate solution.