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Aereo licenses Bloomberg TV as first cable station

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Aereo (STOCK)
Aereo (STOCK)

Thus far, streaming TV service Aereo has stayed squarely focused on local network TV channels, but that is just starting to change. According to The Wall Street Journal, Aereo has added its first cable channel in the form of Bloomberg TV. As of today, the channel is streaming to Aereo subscribers; it's a result of a partnership between the two companies in which Aereo will pay Bloomberg for its content. This comes in contrast to the Aereo's other stations — the company famously launched without brokering a deal with major networks like ABC, NBC, and Fox, and has thus been the subject of intense legal scrutiny throughout most of the year. While there's no doubt that Aereo is a clever and useful tool, it'll need more content to compete with the numerous options battling for supremacy in the living room — if it can start making deals with more cable channels (and expand beyond New York City), it might be a big contender sooner than later.

Update: Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia gave the following statement in regards Aereo's new partnership with Bloomberg TV:

Bloomberg Television offers exceptionally high quality business news content and we believe that our members will see deep value adding in Bloomberg Television as their ‘go-to’ source for financial news. With this partnership, Aereo continues to deliver innovative, easy to use technology, more choice for consumers, and an exceptional consumer experience.