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Google implements confirmation step for AdMob mobile ads to prevent accidental taps

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Google AdWords confirmation
Google AdWords confirmation

We all know the jarring frustration of accidentally tapping on a mobile ad and suddenly finding ourselves swept into a web browser, far away from whatever we were doing originally. Thankfully Google is taking steps to combat those false "clicks" with a new confirmation step that's triggered when users tap near the edge of any ad served up by its AdMob platform. In a blog post announcing the added measure, Google reasons that these interruptions are bad for everyone involved: users are instantly annoyed and the data advertisers take away from expensive campaigns may be misleading. To avoid these headaches moving forward, smartphone users will now need to tap a "visit site" button to verify that they meant to engage a mobile ad. Again, the confirmation prompt only applies to taps on the outer edge of an ad; behavior is unchanged if you're hitting it front and center. But it's a small step that will undoubtedly be welcome news for the smartphone-toting public.