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Good deal: for two days only, get Nikon's D600 DSLR with free 24-85mm lens for under $2,000

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nikon d600 good deal (stock)
nikon d600 good deal (stock)

Many have hailed the Nikon D600 as the industry's first "affordable" full-frame DSLR; much like Canon's 6D, it's priced at around $2,000, giving a new segment of enthusiasts the chance to own a camera capable of producing professional-grade images. And for two days only Nikon's throwing in a 24-85mm FX lens at no cost. The whole package normally costs upwards of $2,600, but if you act now you'll pay only the cost of the D600 body and get a well-regarded lens to start shooting with. Virtually all of Nikon's authorized resellers including Amazon and B&H are honoring the two-day special, and with the latter offering a package of its own with some extras. Even Best Buy is taking part, serving as an option for photographers that prefer immediate gratification. Yes, there's that well-documented dust / oil issue to contend with, but the money you're saving would pay for plenty of sensor cleanings — if they even prove necessary to begin with.